Trust, But Verify by Putting It in Writing

Business contracts should be strong written agreements to make sure your company is protected and the business transaction is as smooth as possible. As Miami contract attorneys, we understand that business agreements should be clearly written by a business lawyer and have airtight language to help avoid costly problems down the line.

Not only do our contract lawyers draft tightly worded business contracts, we also review business agreements to make sure your business interests are protected. Our experienced contract attorneys can explain what your business contract means so you understand your contract and agree to the contract terms.

Before you sign on the dotted line, it’s important to have your business contract agreement reviewed by a business lawyer well versed in contract law.


Our Miami contract attorneys, draft, review and negotiate business contracts such as:

    • LLC Operating Agreements to clearly define the rights and obligations of each owner of the business


    • Independent Contractor Agreements to hire contract workers with peace of mind


    • Investment Agreements with investors to raise capital for your business


    • Partnership Agreements to collaborate with other businesses or people


    • Stockholder Agreements to sell shares in your corporate business


    • Asset Purchase Agreements to sell your business’ assets or buy business assets


    • Website Terms and Use Agreements to protect your business online


    • Privacy Policy to comply with required disclosures and data regulations and avoid penalties


    • Merger Agreements to join forces with another business


    • Licensing Agreements to grant others permission to use your product, services or intellectual property


    • Distribution Agreements to reach customer in new territories


    • Manufacture Agreements to mass produce your products


    • Lease Agreements to rent commercial space


    • Employment contracts to expand your team and maximize efficiency


    • Contract Negotiation to get the best business deal on the table


    • Contract Review before entering into an agreement or after to get you out of a bad contract

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