Which one is for you: EB-2 or E-2?

Isn’t it nice to have options? Well, you might have some options to pick the best path to obtain a visa! Sometimes you can qualify for more than one visa. We see this often with professionals and entrepreneurs from specific countries. Let’s look at the differences between the E-2 and the EB-2 visa to help you find the best choice for you to start living your American Dream.

Understand what’s required for each of the two visas will help you determine which is the right choice. Let’s start with the E-2 visa. The main two requirements are: 1) you are a national from a treaty country and 2) you are investing a “substantial” amount in the U.S. The E-2 allows you to travel and work in U.S. but it does not directly provide you with a permanent residence status.

In contrast, the EB-2 visa requ


ires you to be a professional with a diploma and have at least 5 years’ experience in your field. The EB-2 visa will allow you to travel and work in U.S. and also grant you permanent residency as a green card holder.

This is one of the main differences between the two visas. While the E-2 visa doesn’t give you a green card, it is a great option for those not totally sure if they want to permanently call the U.S.A their adopted home. It also may put you in a good position to obtain a green card through another permanent visa later on. The EB-2 visa may be harder to prove you meet the requirements, but it can be done smoothly with the help of an experienced attorney.

The E-2 and the EB-2 visas may be your key to unlock your American Dream depending on how you see your future in the U.S.! If you think you qualify for one of these visas, or cannot decide which of them would be best for your unique circumstance, give us a Call Today and let us help you make a decision to start living your green card life! See More