Getting Your EB-2 Visa without a Sponsor (EB-2 National Interest Waiver)


The EB-2 National Interest Waiver has become one of the best options for those professionals looking to immigrate to the U.S. Typically, the second preference of employment-based immigrant visa (EB-2) requires you to have a job offer and labor certification. But with the national interest waiver, you may be able to get your green card without a U.S. employer sponsoring you. Let’s take a look at how we can help you do this!

The basic requirement for the EB-2 NIW are the same as the regular EB-2, which requires an advanced degree or exceptional ability by the applicant. However, the benefits of being able to submit your own petition without a U.S. employer sponsoring you does not come easily. There are no set standards of what to you need to prove as “evidence” that you qualify for the national interest waiver, but no need to worry, that’s why The Ribeiro Law Firm are here!

With our expertise in business immigration, we know what the U.S. immigration system looks for in a successful EB-2 NIW application. Because there are no set requirements for the national interest waiver, there are different ways to show that you will add value to the country and therefore it is in the national interest to grant you the EB-2 visa. Let’s look at some of the our firm uses as supporting evidence to help you get your EB-2 visa.

First up, are any publications and written articles you may have. This includes journal articles, books, or research papers. These publications should demonstrate how your work has changed your field of work or show that others within your field rely on your work to make further advances. Essentially, your publications should show that you are an authority within your industry to support that what you do is of such great importance that other professionals rely on your work.

Next, is the existence of any patents, licenses, and contracts. The U.S. is home to the largest number of immigrants with patents. Naturally, the U.S. benefits when inventors enter the country to create new advances, especially in technology. Showing that an EB-2 applicant owns patents or other intellectual property further proves that their work has been adopted by their industry as an advancement and helps to establish the applicant’s credibility.

Lastly, any awards or recognitions you have received for your work also supports EB-2 NIW. National and international awards (rather than smaller awards) recognizing your work show that having you within the U.S. will also lead to more recognizable work within the U.S. The bigger and more exclusive the recognition is, the stronger is makes your EB-2 NIW petition. These recognitions show that you have the ability to achieve significant advances in your field of work.

If need help preparing your evidence for a strong EB-2 petition, give us a call and we will happily assist you in achieving your American Dream so you can start living your Green Card Life!