Don’t be EB-2 late!


Employment-Based visas have become a popular option for immigrants looking to live and work in the U.S. The EB-2 visa, however, may be becoming a little too popular for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) the department in charge of immigration.

The EB-2 visa allows foreign professionals with an advanced degree to request a U.S. visa and green card. This allows professionals to enter the U.S. with their skills and experience to work and add value to the United States. Professionals all over the world have become more and more interested in this option, and rightfully so. If you’d like to know why the EB-2 has been a hidden gem, CLICK HERE to learn more.


As more professionals are catching wind of the EB-2 visa, the applications continue to roll in to the USCIS office, adding some concern to the category. With the increase in demand, it is possible that the office will halt applications for review or even stop accepting new applications for a while in order to efficiently review all current applications. What does this mean exactly? TIME IS RUNNING OUT! By early January, we can expect to hear an update on the processing times for the EB-2 visa, but by then it may be too late for some professionals to send in their EB-2 petition by then.

If you hold a diploma and have at least 5 years experience in your field, it is important that you don’t waste any time in filing your EB-2 petition to beat the cut-off time for review. There is no telling how long this delay in processing will be, but at the rate the applications are coming into the USCIS office, it is unlikely that much time is left. We are here to help you file your application in a timely manner so you can set yourself up to achieve the American Dream!

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